The Foundation Houses | Transitional housing for long term sobriety
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Set in a safe, home living environment, Foundation Houses equip newly sober men and women with the tools they need in order to transition back into life after treatment. We require all of our residents attend a 12-Step Program. Men and women will live at one of our houses for the short or long term, depending on their needs, and will hopefully transition into mentors for newer residents. The sense of responsibility developed in the our houses is crucial to regaining responsibility and control in personal, long term recovery


 We believe in the importance of a family home setting during early recovery. The sense of independence and self-control that we help our residents develop can’t be reached through your traditional substance abuse treatment centers. By creating an environment as close to a normal home environment as possible, our residents will leave our program with the skills needed to maintain long term sobriety.

Group Meetings

We want to make sure that every resident has the chance to develop every tool they need to find success and 12-Step Meetings are part of the continued recovery process. Our residents are required to be actively involved in the 12 Step program.

Peer Support

We believe in helping to build a strong support network amongst our residents to nurture long term success in recovery. We find that those who form strong bonds and relationships with their peer group find the most fulfillment in maintaining a sober life.

Structured Living

We strive to help our residents learn the life skills needed to maintain productive and healthy drug free lifestyle. All of our residents are required to maintain curfews based around their working hours and participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the properties.

Our Houses

We have several gender specific residential living properties located across the northeast from Cherry Hill, NJ to Willow Grove, PA. We are small, family-like sober living homes designed for men and women, who have recently completed a substance abuse treatment program or who are in recovery, but struggling to maintain extended sobriety. We help those new to sobriety connect with their peers and mentors, by both requiring attendance at a 12 step program and encouraging our clients living in any of the houses, to develop relationships with those they live with.

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We understand finding the right place can be an overwhelming process. We’re here to alleviate any concerns or answer any questions. Reach out. We’re here.

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